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The question I get asked the most is "how much do you charge for a website" and it infuriates me! I wish you to be a customer for life and with thorough work from the outset, you are going to get return on investment due to good search engine rankings and the credibility of the website. It takes at least 40 hours to create a professional website. Please see my prices page after looking at what I create.

Having a clear understanding of your business means I can think laterally about ways in which I can incorporate ideas you may not have thought about. This is paramount to the success of your website
Within a few days or less, I can map out a design theme for you. Completely created in a mobile/tablet friendly environment allowing your website to look good on multiple devices portrait or landscape.
If you are a new business, you might not even have a logo. I can design this for you. If this is the case, this is the starting block and would preceed the first two actions.
What is this??!!! Google ranks your website highly if your images are named relevant to what they are. We all take pictures on a digital camera and know the outcoming image will look something like p744223339.jpg. I rename all images relevant to the business name, type and location
Google loves correctly titled pages. This means the title is relevant to the page and not the company. For instance, if you have one page about fitted work surfaces, the title needs to identify that and if the next page is about appliances then this has to be reflected too.
Believe it or not but you can get lots of free listings on Google. Google Business gives you a premier listing if someone is searching for a business that is relevant and in the area. It also gives you a listing on Google Maps and Images. Bing/Yahoo have the same service and I do the same work here too.
This will not be important to most at first. It is a way of tracking visitors that visit your website. This is a subject in itself and will be featured in the document download section coming soon.
Even if you are not interested in Facebook and want nothing to do with it. Facebook is seen by over 60% of the UK population. You can take it seriously or not but for the sake of an hours work, you can have a Facebook presence that refers people to your actual website. It can be left alone and not need bothering about but it will help to boost enquiries

This is the basis of correct and thorough website design, search engine exposure and simple Social Media Marketing. My thoroughness provides results and an asset to your business.