Now here is a subject and hold on tight! 9/10 small businesses do more damage than good and here are the two main reasons why. I do not to like talk negatives but this is SO IMPORTANT.

I have studied social media marketing for many years and read all the books from the world leading professionals. All providing hundreds of pages of information that will confuse the mind out of the vast majority!

The common mistake is to think you will be on every platform and not have the time to commit to even on of them. We all know Facebook is the best and if you are business to business LinkedIn follows straight after that.

Here is an easy way to sum up using Facebook!

Think of it as a magazine for a passion you have. Fishing, golf, country life. now look at how these work. A good blend of interesting articles surrounded by a few adverts. It is also good to see information about events within your field of industry or what is happening in your local area. Social Media is about followers and not "one off" visitors so you need the content to be informative and then you will capture an audience relevant to your business.

The most common mistake is to put a link on your website and then find there have been no updates to the Facebook page in months. Plan a strategy of half an hour two times a week at a specific time and stick to it. Bad social media marketing will actually harm your business potential.

I can work a strategy with you, talk about the time you have to invest but you have to stick to it! I would not say I am the most qualified but through personal experience, it is not as easy as some may think.

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