Eveyrone's needs are different. The three main common requirements are a business that has not got a website, a business that has a website and needs a complete overhaul and one that has a very good website but it is not mobile/tablet friendly. All of exXact's websites are responsive and will work in any browser and look good on a mobile phone, a tabiet, a PC and in portrait or landscape mode.

I am happy to work on an hourly rate however I am keen to gain you as a client and I think you will benefit from taking one of the following three options. Please ask as there is room for flexibility and any special requirements.

I need to fully understand your business and then I can give maximum input. The path is usually logo design. Once you are happy with that the theme of the website is built around the theme of the logo. This service also includes business card design, headed paper and leaflet design if needed. The total cost is £600 payable with a £200 deposit, £200 payment after 30 days and £200 when you would like the website to go "live".
Whether you have a website or not, I will work around your current logo and content. It is great time to add new content. The cost is £480 with £240 paid on order and £240 paid 30 days later. I can complete this well within a month as long as I am given any new content.
What does this mean you may ask! Over 50% of people viewing your website are going to be viewing it on a smartphone. You may have a brilliant website but is it smartphone friendly? Take the opportunity to have it updated, look almost the same but work on any device; landscape or portrait. The cost for this is £250 paid in advance.
I offer so much on an ongoing basis. For those that wish me to host their site and have access to my members area I charge a fee of £40 a month. Full details of the benefits of this are coming shortly There is no negotiation on this. It is a case of